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Top Reasons to See Dr. Michael Alvarez for Crowns/Caps

  • Dr. Alvarez has years of experience fitting patients with crowns
  • Dr. Alvarez believes in helping patients in the Fremont, CA area improve the quality of their lives and enhance their self-esteem by providing them with beautiful, healthy smiles
  • Dr. Alvarez and his trained staff of medical professionals take the time needed to really get to know each and every one of their patients

Are You a Good Candidate for a Crown/Cap?

While fillings are a good choice for a tooth that has some amount of decay or damage, if the tooth is severely damaged and cannot hold a filling, a crown (also referred to as a cap) may be the best choice. Simply put, a crown is a dental restoration that completely covers a tooth. In most instances, crowns look almost exactly like a normal tooth. Dr. Alvarez has many years of experience in placing crowns for his patients. He understands how important it is to ensure that your crown is precisely the same shape and size as your regular tooth and that your bite is properly aligned. Crowns are extremely strong and typically last for many years or sometimes even for a lifetime.

The Procedure Involved in Getting a New Crown/Cap

The process for getting a crown usually involves two visits to our Fairmont, California office. During the first visit Dr. Alvarez will prepare and shape the tooth for your new crown. In addition, he will take an impression of the area and place a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready.

Once your new crown has been created, usually in about two weeks or so, you will return for your second visit. During the second visit, Dr. Alvarez will place the finished crown and make sure your bite is properly aligned and comfortable.

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