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Top Reasons to See Dr. Michael Alvarez for Bridges

  • Dr. Alvarez has many years of experience in fitting his patients with bridges
  • Dr. Alvarez and his trained staff of medical professionals take the time needed to really get to know each and every one of their patients
  • Dr. Alvarez believes in helping patients in the Fremont, CA area improve the quality of their lives through advanced dental care and good oral health practices

Introduction to Bridges Provided by Dr. Alvarez

A dental bridge is often a great method to replace missing teeth. There are several different types of bridges, and Dr. Alvarez can help you decide which is best for you during your visit to our Fremont, CA dental office. The most traditional type of bridges is typically made of porcelain dental material, which comprises the crowns and is fused to a metal frame. The crowns replace the missing teeth, and the metal portion of the bridge fits snugly over anchoring abutment teeth on each side of the appliance. Some bridges are fixed (non-removable), while others can be removed by the patient.

Dental bridges are quite strong and will typically last for many years, although they may need to be replaced or repaired eventually due to normal wear and tear.

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If you’d like more information on bridges and find out whether you or a member of your family is a good candidate for this type of dental appliance, contact our Fremont, CA office today at 510-713-6790. We’d be glad to schedule an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Alvarez to discuss the possibilities.
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